Path DevBlog 0x02

In the first article, DevBlog 0x01 we covered a high level overview of our technology. In this article, we will continue with a deeper dive down into how Path Network works.

So, what is so unique about PATH Network?

Path Network is a distributed network monitoring company, based on the blockchain.  Using our unique new global Path network, we help companies understand how their network operates, with detailed insights and statistics right down to specific networks and physical locations.

We hear all the time about net neutrality and how it is going to impact services, but nobody is out there measuring it... Path Network can see when it's throttled, when it's deprioritised, and when it's given bad routes - and we can detect that all in real-time! So, all of this is pretty new and exciting technology...

Traditional network monitoring services operate out of a small selection of ISPs and CSPs. They run out of the limited number of regions in AWS, Azure, GCP for example, and they also can run out of physical datacenter locations - probably the same old datacentres that everyone else is operating from... this is quite limited.

This means that companies are not getting the visibility of how or even IF a customer is reaching their network, and using their service, on a global scale...

As a very simple example: You are running an eCommerce website, (ie. an online shopping store based out of California), and you have customers all over the world.
Suddenly, you have an influx of complaints coming through your technical support channel that customers are having a very slow user experience.... But the site looks good to you  ... ?
More support complaints come in, and someone finally realizes that they all seem to be in Texas. But who and why?

Path Network can tell you that it's not actually all users in Texas, but it's specific users in Texas who are connect to the internet through Comcast.

With our global distributed network, and a combination of both commercial and residential monitoring nodes, we're able to pinpoint causes of such issues, down to the exact network ... and even an exact physical location.

Path Network Live Demonstration

In this video, we'll perform a live demonstration of our production panel platform, showcasing how it can be used by customers and the power of our technology.

Why Crypto?

Well, for a few reasons!

Firstly, being able to harness the last mile between Companies and Customers, and being able to see exactly what a Customer sees, is exactly why Path Network is so powerful.

We are able to provide visibility by harnessing the power of consumer electronic devices such as phones, laptops and the excess bandwidth that is not used by the device - for example, when your phone is on standby.

Instead of sucking up your battery life, your phone could be making you some money!

The best part? It also contributes to making the internet a safer place.

By launching our own ERC-20 Token, PATH, the power of cryptocurrency and all of the benefits it provides was a no-brainer ... It is a global, 24/7, secure, non-cash, payment system - not a local currency. This allows instant payment for accessing PATH Network services and also allows us to pay mobile PATH node operators, anywhere in the world ... at any time.

Quite simply, it is the easiest way to earn micro-payments so you can make some money and offset your phone bill!

Blockchain is important to PATH Network because, not only does it encourage users to run a PATH node on their phone for payment in crypto, it also allows us to provide our advanced monitoring and network security capabilities.

Future of Path Network

With our mobile application launch imminent, now is probably a great time to talk about the future of Path Network! Today, everything you see is actually in the past as we at Path Network are now focused on the future. We are very proud of our achievements, and are focused on accomplishing even greater things in the foreseeable future. 2018 has been wild, but 2019 is going to be extreme!

Once the network is up and running at full strength we will be rolling out many new and exciting features, to fully harness the power of our network intelligence. It will be an extremely exciting new year.

With our mobile application now releasing on Android within the Google Play Store, we have already started development on Version 2 - which will have more job types, a very modern UI that was showcased in DevBlog Episode 1, an iPhone version, code libraries for further implementation and a few key partnerships.

The First Path Datacentre

We have even started the rollout of our physical infrastructure!

Whilst we strongly leverage Cloud technology, there are some things that only physical Points-of-Presence, globally, will be able to provide us. Important features, such as BGP feeds, advanced network monitoring, and security services, will now all be possible for co-location providers.

We have purchased AS396998, as well as a large IP space and we are now in the middle of an even bigger infrastructure roll out than what we currently have in AWS.

So as we accelerate towards the end of this year, we hope you will jump on in with us, and enjoy the ride!


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